I am borderline obsessed with old dictionaries.  I found a gigantic one at a thrift store a while ago and finally got around to ripping some pages out.  These watercolor florals with quotes are perfect for a touch of softness in your decor (or as a gift).  The frames were painted to give them a slightly more modern feel.  Extra eco tip: I had old dried out markers lying around so I put them in water to make my own watercolor paints.  This is what I used to paint all of these!  


Please be sure to select the quote(s) from the drop down menu when adding to your cart. Price is per framed picture. 


Home Sweet Home -- 9.25" x 11.25"
Live Simply-- 9.25" x 11.25"  
Enjoy the Little Things -- 9" x 11"
Love Blooms Here -- 9" x 11" 


Although I am a beginner at watercolor painting I would be happy to try to accommodate any custom orders, please message me. 

All items in the Beque Design shop are handmade from 75-100% re-imagined materials. This means I transform many materials that once served another purpose into something with a new purpose. Due to the nature of how I create it is hard to reproduce the items sold in this shop, therefore they are one of a kind, unique pieces not found anywhere else.

Upcycled Frame with Watercolor and Quote


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