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About Us

We (Karen and Courtney) are a mother daughter duo who like to create.  We make all of our items from re-claimed materials found at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or donations from friends and family. We are committed to creatively reusing materials we find and very rarely buy anything new. Since our raw materials constantly change we feel this brings out the most creativity and growth. We hope our brand brings about a different way of thinking about discarded materials. We create beautiful one of a kind items hoping to inspire change. 



About Courtney

I started creating reclaimed lighting in early 2016 while living in Portland, Oregon. Upon my move back to Colorado my mom joined in the creating as well. I am constantly dabbling in different areas of creative reuse because I like to challenge myself.  I have done lighting, collage, mixed media art, paper crafting, assemblage art, and my newest body of work is mostly transforming textiles.  I love finding unique textiles to turn into fanny packs, hats, a dog leash, etc.  

About Karen

I have been sewing for many years but mostly decor for my own home or small projects for friends and family. From pillows to curtains, to clothing for my daughters, to outdoor cushions and projects for others to now creating wool sweater mittens, bags, travel accessories and headbands.  Courtney encouraged me to start sewing again when she returned to Colorado. I enjoy the thrill of thrifting and finding the perfect sweaters to turn into a beautiful warm pair of mittens. 

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All designs and photos are our own, please contact us for permission to use.

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